• 1. Which bike is right for me?

    Choosing the right bike for your ride

    We have a range of bikes to suit every adventure! Bikes for ages 3+, bikes to suit all levels of experience and all types of terrain. The guide below will help you choose the right bike for you.

    Road Bike

    Rent carbon or alloy road bikes from Roys Bike Shop Lanzarote


    Rent hybrid bikes from Roys Bike Shop Lanzarote

    MTB Hardtail

    Rent MTB hardtail bikes from Roys Bike Shop Lanzarote

    MTB Full Sus

    Rent MTB full suspension bikes from Roys Bike Shop Lanzarote


    Rent city bikes from Roys Bike Shop Lanzarote


    Rent ebikes from Roys Bike Shop Lanzarote

    Kids Bikes

    Rent kids bikes from Roys Bike Shop Lanzarote

    Road Bike Flats & Climbs Race ride position Multiple gears Speed & distance Keen/experienced cyclists
    Hybrid Between a road bike & MTB Road or rougher terrain Comfy riding position No suspension Multiple gears
    MTB Hardtail Suspension on front wheel Trail/off-road/rough terrain Technical training Bike handling Comfortable riding
    MTB Full Suspension Suspension front & rear Rough terrain Downhill off-road Jumps Comfortable to ride
    City Bike Flat terrain Upright ride position Single Gear/Speed Bike rack Single brake
    eBike Power assisted cycling Comfy riding position Less tasking Tour far with confidence Bike rack
    Kids 3 years and up MTB styles available Styles for boys & girls Balance bikes for toddlers Stabilizers available
  • 2. Do you have bikes for children?


    We have a selection of kids bikes suitable from 2 years to 12 years. For the infants, we have trailer buggies that parents can attach to their bikes and pull along behind. We make sure all the family can go for a ride!

  • 3. What is included in my rental?

    Everything you need for the journey

    We provide cycle accessories to help you on your ride:

    Bike Lock
    Saddle Bag
    Bike Pump
    Spare Tube & Tyre Levers
    Bike Computer road bikes only

    Anything not listed, you can contact us before booking or drop by in person and ask. If you wish to bring your own saddle, pedals etc, we can fit them for you. Those renting for longer than a few days can drop by for adjustments, accessories, air in their tyres, route ideas…or even just for a chat!

  • 4. Do I have to wear a helmet?

    For safety & Respect

    When you leave the shop for your ride, we care that you have a safe and enjoyable time. We insist that all riders wear helmets. Your welfare is very important as is the welfare of other road users, trail users and walkers along the promenade.

    For road cyclists, Lanzarote is known for being a safe and respectful island to ride. Drivers are courteous, giving plenty of room and time when passing cyclists. We simply ask that you too respect the rules of the road, be courteous and respectful, wear a helmet and help us uphold our reputation as a Cycling Mecca!

  • 5. What are the benefits of booking online?


    By booking in advance online, we can guarantee the bike you want for the length of time you need. Booking online means we can also discuss and finalise your requirements prior to your arrival. This can be especially important for road cyclists wishing to train or touring riders planning to travel far and wide. You may choose to bring your own saddle, pedals, wheels etc or you may wish for us to set up your bike with your specific measurements.

    Booking in advance allows us more time to set up and thoroughly service the bike, test everything and make any adjustments to give you speedy and convenient service when you arrive.

    We would also highly recommend booking in advance for parties of 5 or more – especially if you want the same style of bike for everyone in your party.

  • 6. Do you accept walk-ins?


    If you are seeking a bike/bikes for a few hours or a day, we can almost always accommodate you. We often get customers passing by, calling in and leaving with a bike for their adventure!

    In the event of temporary unavailability or if the shop is busy, we can arrange for you to call back in a short while when we will have bikes and equipment ready for you. We always aim to be flexible.

    However, if you book online in advance, we can guarantee the bike you want for the time you want!

  • 7. What facilities & products do you have in the shop?


    Changing room
    We can accept card payments

    Tribars, extra spare tubes, saddlebags etc
    For families we have bike towbars & trailers.
    Nutrition bars, gels, drink powders & tablets.
    Feel free to ask what is available!